About Us

MAZAYA PR (MPR) is a part of MAZAYA INVESTMENT company . It is a full-service public relations firm known for its strategic approach to helping clients meet their varying business goals for women empowerment and for environment sustainability  For the past years , MAZAYA PR has established a reputation for staying on the edge of change in the public relations and media industry, often pushing the industry itself forward, and offering clients a wide range of services and tools.

A staff of 6 women  personnel, including full graphic design and interactive development capabilities, allow us to provide our clients fully integrated planning and communications. MAZAYA PR has developed branding ,marketing and positioning campaigns throughout the past years for nonprofit organizations, private and public companies local and regional .

We're one of the most recognized firms by the Public Relations Society of the Middle East, garnering plaudits for client work in media relations, online marketing, editorials, research and evaluation, direct response, special events, public service, public affairs, and integrated communications.

Mazaya has made a commitment to ensure that all of our work includes an explicit focus on gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Our Approach

MAZAYA PR has been at the forefront linking the sciences of behavior to the field of...

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Core Values

Above all else, our Core Values guide us as a company: • We deliver on our commitments •...

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Media Relations

Our approach to media relations is grounded in relationships. We believe in creating and...

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Being "creative" isn't always about flashy graphics or bright shinny objects (although, we...

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We believe that successful campaigns look at an issue from many different angles and may employ...

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Social Media

Social media is the big buzzword right now, but (gasp) that doesn't mean we believe social media...

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A Message from President and CEO

In 2009, we planted the seed for a new kind of investment in Palestine. A PR, communication and...

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